Platinum Credit, A Ugandan based Micro Finance institution, approached us to help it create marketing materials not limited to pull up burners that would help the marketing teams during field visits, They need the work as soon as possible. we were tasked with not only creating and designing brand oriented work but also tasked with […]


Quick Multi-Enterprise Co. LTD needed 1000 pieces of folder designed booklets to avail every guest that had been invited for the conference meeting. They ordered for the branded booklets and the task  was attained in time. The branding of the booklets with the company information increased the business profits since its advertisement was boosted through […]

Solar World Car Branding

Branding is a wonderful medium for expressing your brand or services to the community since it helps people understand who you are and remember what you do. Solar World car had demand of increasing his profitability and in the long run, he opted for the car branding services from us. The services was attained successfully […]

Brochure Design for Mlambe Health and Social Trust

Project Description Brochure design Mlambe Health and Social Trust needed marketing materials to help communicate messages in one of there past campaigns, we came in and where tasked to develop brand marketing concepts for the campaign. In doing so we developed concepts ranging from Brochures to pull ups materials. This brochure in particular had a […]